Saima Azmi  ( Sr. Developmental Psychologist)

Saima Khan Azmi has done her masters in Applied psychology specialising in counselling psychology from jamia millia Islamic. She has more than 5 years of experience of working in the field of child psychology. Adding to the practical knowledge, she is also a dreamer, weaves an imaginative world and enjoys hopping in there, a painter, an artist who loves to make things from scrap. A singer, as she is blessed with a melodious voice and a crazy dancer, at times she turns very dramatic, she is energetic, passionate and empathetic.She incorporates these skills to connect with children. She beleives that constant efforts and having trust in the abilities of the little ones, does wonders,one should just create a safe, therapeutic, comforting, fun-filled, and progressive environment for them to flourish, express, explore in the most natural way. She is a Nature lover and admirer. 

Niharika Ghosh ( Clinical Psychologist)

Kanak Mirchandani ( Developmental Psychologist)

Remya Menon  ( Developmental Psychologist)

Simi Udayan  ( Developmental Psychologist)

Simmi received her education from IGNOU with a Master Degree in Psychology and an Hons. Degree in Psychology from Punjab University. She is passionate about working with children because she loves being surrounded by them. She has a steady source of motivation and enthusiasm that drives her to do her best. This passion has led her to challenge herself daily and has helped her to do work better. She loves that fact that no single day at work is the same "It’s so much fun working with children as everyday is so different and reminiscing". By working with children she gets to relived her childhood with them through various techniques and therapy. Her very vibrant nature which is full of positivity and zest attracts the children to connect with her. Apart from being jubilant, she is also very playful, has endless energy, honesty , creativity,flexibility and resilience to keep herself interested in the world around her.

Surbhi Swaroop ( Sr. Occupational Therapist )

Yamini Singh ( Sr. Pediatric Physiotherapist )

Nidhi Singh ( Occupational Therapist )

Ayushi Sharma ( Special Educator )

Swermon Swer ( Administrator )

Supriya Jain ( Branch Manager)

Remya has completed her graduation in Psychology from Delhi University and then
completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Amity University. She has also done her
Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling from National Institute of Public
Cooperation and Child Development, recognised by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
She is hardworking, sincere and a keen learner. Working with children gives her immense
pleasure as she enjoys being with them, their innocence and purity wins her heart. She
believes every child is unique and they are worthy of being loved. She wishes to harness the
potential of each child by creating an atmosphere full of love and acceptance wherein they
can reach their highest potential.She is also a trained classical dancer and loves to express herself through dance. She is an animal lover too and spending time with them re-energizes her.

Kanak Mirchandani has done her schooling from Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology.She has immense love for this field. She feels it is important to trust the little kids and their ability to learn and perform. Being herself a kid at heart she loves working with kids through play, dance and art in order to make the session fun. She also has a strong drive to improve the lives of those affected by neurodevelopmental disorders and to empower parents with resources and training.She believes that every individual has the power to create their own happiness and success if they are provided with the right direction in life.Other than that she loves to travel, dance and paint.--

Ms. Niharika Ghosh is a Clinical Psychologist, with 8 years of experience. She
works with children with varied disabilities/ special needs, like Autism, Specific Learning
Disability, Intellectual Disability, ADHD and many more. Further, helping parents with children
with special needs or with emotional/ academic/ behavioural problems and guiding them for
better management.Also, she specializes in doing formative psychological assessments of children and adults, both and diagnosing accurately and giving further intervention plans. She has worked closely with government school students with special needs and their teachers (Delhi) in collaboration with the Education Ministry. She empowers her clients to evaluate their current situation, see new
ways of approaching change, identify practical solutions, and uncover tools that help them
positively approach change.

Surabhi has been as a part of out team since 2016.She loves playing and interacting with
children. She also likes to motivate their parents towards therapy. She is willing to work with
children of all age groups and their holistic needs. She is very vibrant in nature and happy to please others. She prepared a personalized therapy plan for each child, keeping in mind his abilities and his needs. She applies her creative angle to make the activity more playful and interesting for the child.

Yamini has done her Bachelors of Physiotherapy from Birla Institute of Medical and Research BIMR. She has more then 6 years of experience in Paediatric Physiotherapy. She has done few certifications which enhances her practical knowledge like OPT level 1, Brain gym, Basic Kinesiology taping. Besides her vast experience in her career, she have keen interest in Music & Dancing, trying new forms of art & craft works and helping kids learn through fun filled activities. She uses her strengths while dealing with kids such as interacting with them in a play way method. Children loves to be with her and enjoys therapy sessions. She is a good planner, spontaneous & creative therapist. She loves to travel and explore new places, she is nature and peace loving person.

Nidhi Singh has done her Bachelor  of Science in Occupational Therapy. She has 5 years of work experience in Paediatric & geriatric population in different clinical settings. She is friendly and loves to be around children. She is. She likes to work with children across disability from 0-13 years age group.She has Effective communication skills.Self-motivated and highly oriented towards problem solving. Easily mingle with children and good at story telling.

Ayushi Gaur has done her Diploma in Special Education (In Autism Spectrum Disorder  ASD) from Action for Autism.She has more than two years of experience of working with children who has ASD and other Special disorder.She has done her Graduation in B.A Hons. Programme from Delhi University and she has also worked as a Special Educator in Matrikiran and Kendriya Vidyalaya. She is  hardworking towards her work and passion, has skills of managing classroom learning. She has the ability to plan, organised and collect material to deliver the lesson in classroom.

Swermon Swer, a post graduate from Delhi University has 3 years of experience in Administration. She manages clients, appointments and day -to- day admin work. She is a bridge between the clients and the therapists. At Healing Nest, we love her for her positivity, her dedication and her willingness to help. She is a movie and a Nature lover. 

Kolkata born, Punjabi by heart, Supriya is a true Delhite! Her education (Delhi University and Fore School of Management), 10 years of experience in creative animation and client servicing and excellent upbringing has made her a wonderful person who believes in WIN-WIN for everyone. This attitude, her experience and knowledge is what gives her a very unique skill set for co-creating and spearheading various projects at Healing Nest.

She also manages operations of the Noida branch, while driving the achievements of organizational goals of Healing Nest. The kids, families, and staff alike know Supriya for her fun loving energy, lovely smile and super-efficient personality! She loves to travel, eat and play!