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Our Mission

To provide holistic mental health care solutions for children & adolescents through our clinical and developmental services and spearhead preventive work through parent and teacher training. We continue to innovate, grow and find ways to increase the reach of this voice.


Our Vision

With a child-centric approach by giving one to one therapeutic intervention for children and simultaneously providing enriching environment to enable children become functionally independent and to empower their families to be able to lead a normal life.

Our story

The thought of Healing Nest germinated in the year 2014. Hemanti had a true passion to work with children and adolescents. After completing her academics and specialization in child development and mental health, she began her professional journey while working with a few of the best companies as a Psychologist. She was happy to grow in this field and kept on adding different additions of skills to the already existing skills.


In 2011, she got married to Sagar after knowing him for a few years. Sagar too developed his interest in the same field of child development. He is a sailor (merchant navy) and worked in a well-reputed company for the last 15 years. He has an exceptional connection with children and builds an immediate relationship with any and every child.

A few years passed after marriage, and now Hemanti and Sagar wanted to have a plan for themselves that made them more self-sustaining, gave them satisfaction, and gave them money along with it. Slowly Healing Nest started growing in their head, an organization they called their own. Of course, they knew it had its own risks, and will take time to establish. With the mentoring of prominent professionals in the field of mental health and a few other family members, they took the courage and opened Healing Nest in Delhi.


At the heart of Healing Nest is a family that has made peace with Mental Health. 


Hemanti Sikdar & Sagar Mangal originally created Healing Nest as an intervention center focusing on children who were developmentally delayed and needed help. They started with a small group of professionals.

Slowly they developed a preschool program in order to serve the most challenging children of the surrounding district schools. And it quickly became apparent that our children needed a specialized nest dedicated to meeting mental healing.

Today we take pride in the contributions we have made to Mental Health services with the Children-centered approach and compassionate care. To help shape a world where mental illness is seen in the same light as every other illness, and all children receive the level of care they need and deserve, we have an awesome team of people with a mix of personal and professional experiences and expertise in the field.

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