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A Healing Nest Foundation Initiative 

The initiative addresses two fundamental concerns -

Promoting inclusivity for the under-privileged

Eradicating stigmatization of special needs children.

School Educational Training Program:

For children who have been deprived of academic education, the program intends to equip them to attain developmental age-appropriate goals in scholastic, social, and intrapersonal domains.

Early & Therapeutic Intervention (in the form of one-to-one therapy):

In addition to fostering school readiness and holistic development, the Titli Project
also endeavors to support children from low-income families having development difficulties through early intervention and therapy accorded at subsidized charges.


With a team consisting of mental health professionals, the Titli Project serves as an Early Intervention as well as a School Development Program for children aged 4 - 8 years.


With integration and inclusion at its core, the Titli Project envisions a society that ensures all children live a life of dignity and respect. In its own capacity, the program is helping these children realize their rights and, in the process, meaningfully improve their lives.


Foster inclusion of children, regardless of their gender, caste, religion, ability, or socioeconomic status.

Facilitate children in reaching their developmental milestones.

Support children in acquiring fundamental skills necessary for successful integration into schools.

Provide comprehensive instruction on essential life skills to promote independence in daily living activities.

Cultivate self-confidence and foster an appreciation for their abilities and the value of life.

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