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Titli which means a butterfly in Hindi, is our inspiration. For us, Titli, which is found in several shapes, colours and sizes represents uniqueness, innocence and freedom that every child has. The project aims to affirm these qualities in every child.

In the years of our work in this field, we have learnt that access to proper mental health care can be a big challenge, particularly for children from marginalised communities. Often there is a lack of awareness and understanding of developmental milestones in children and, hence, early screening and intervention is not possible. In several cases parents are not in a position to afford early intervention services for their children. 


In view of the increasing prevalence of NDDs among children in India and the lack of access to early intervention care and mental health services, HNF has launched its Titli project. Through Titli we aim to extend our services to children from low income families. The whole range of our services from Assessment, Early Intervention to Adolescent counselling are offered at highly subsidised to no fee for children enrolled in the programme. 


Among the children seeking therapy under Titli program, most are in need of a comprehensive intervention programme lasting for at least an year. You can support this project through donations. 



Some of the children enrolled under the Titli project are: 



Akshita, a lively and energetic four year-old, has been diagnosed with a condition called Diplegic Cerebral Palsy due to which her growth has been delayed. Additionally, Akshita has been assessed for showing symptoms of ADHD. A better life and future for Akshita would mean treatment and therapeutic intervention in several areas for her holistic development. Sohan lal and Sumita, Akshita’s parents, come from a small town in Uttar Pradesh; they migrated to Delhi to earn a living. With their meagre income from driving auto, they are unable to afford her treatment. At Healing Nest we have been providing Akshita language therapy, occupational therapy and special education therapy. We are working on her postural control in sitting, stretching her tight muscles and teaching her core strengthening exercises. We are also helping her develop attention and sustenance skills, language and communication skills, cognitive skills, and confidence building. Just in a few months of therapy we have observed improvement in her. 



Qasim is a 12 year old who has developed aversion to school and studying. He left his school roughly two years ago and was consistently getting low grades. His mother expressed her concern stating that he only stays at home and spends the entire day on his smartphone. The team of therapists at HNF are trying to explore with him this aversion to studying and also working on imparting basic reading, writing and mathematical skills, while encouraging him to pursue formal education.



5 years old Amarullah has not been to school yet. Due to some issues in the family, he does not live with his mother but with his maternal uncle. Although his maternal uncle deeply cares about him, due to the pandemic he has not enrolled Amarullah in a school yet. While his guardians have been counselled to enrol him into a school, he is being prepared for school. The team at HNF is trying to empower him with skills for meaningful interaction with others, as he is mostly involved in solitary play. His sustenance for sitting at one place and attention is quite low and therapists are trying to work on that as well. He is also being offered some basic education such as teaching shapes, alphabets, numbers and colours in order to prepare him for the formal schooling.



Three year old Aamir came with his parents to HNF. Aamir finds it challenging to sustain his attention in any activity, he has a low focus. His ability to speak and communicate his basic needs is slightly lagging behind the normal development framework. Additionally his restlessness makes it challenging for him to learn new things and perform day to day tasks normal for his age. At HNF he is offered one to one and group sessions for school readiness. It basically involves building his ability to sit at one place, focus and perform day-to-day activities such tying shoe laces etc. by himself. The sessions are also focused on enhancing his skills for peer interaction. 



Quiet and shy Sakib is three years old. He was enrolled for school readiness under the Titli project after a meeting with his father. Sakib’s restlessness and lack of attention prevents him from engaging in activities freely. He finds it difficult to communicate with other people, particularly non-familiar people. He often shows aggression when he has to share his toys and play together with peers. The team at HNF is providing him a combination one to one and group session on language and communication, occupational therapy and special education to prepare him for school and peer interaction.



Mayank is a seven year old boy studying in class second. Mayank’s mother brought him to HNF expressing concern about his aggression, restlessness, and lack of focus. Having witnessed a history of addiction, domestic violence and separation of parents, his emotional well-being has also been compromised. His therapists are working on his behavioural issues while also helping him to develop focus and attention on activities. 



Arnav is a 6 year old who is quite inquisitive and energetic. In his school he faces a struggle in paying attention to the teacher, to sustain attention and focus in activities and sitting in one place. His restlessness and inadequacy in focus decreases his capacity to perform different activities such as studying, playing and interacting with his peers. Arnav is receiving a combination of sessions on special education, occupational therapy and group, which helps him to sustain attention in activities and learn skills for meaningful interaction with peers. 



Ten year old Adivya has difficulty in paying attention in the class. He is someone who is often labelled as “the troublemaker” in a class. Few people understand that teasing others and being mischievous is his way of dealing with his anxiety, impulsivity and hyperactivity. It's difficult for Adviya to follow requests or instructions, he has difficulty in following a structure. Adivya has been through several assessments for his ADHD and learning disability since childhood. He was recommended language therapy, occupational therapy and special education sessions. Due to financial constraints, however, Adivya has not received therapy consistently. Today, at 10 years of age, his behaviour is more complex and his challenges to cope with day-to-day demands of life have also increased. The team at HNF is helping Adivya through an intervention programme that addresses his impulsivity and hyperactivity. 



Nine year old Manish struggles because of unclear speech. He has mostly been non-verbal and has just started talking in the last two years. This has affected Manish’s ability to understand and follow up with the school curriculum. In his sessions at HNF, his special educator his helping him fill the gaps that he faces in the school. 


Sultana Parveen

Seven year old Sultana has developed an aversion to school. She finds the disciplinarian atmosphere of the school intimidating. Under the school readiness programme, the therapists at HNF are trying to change her association with the school and studying in order to prepare her to start formal schooling soon.

Titli Project


To know more about Titli programme, please get in touch with us on 9315122129 or write to us at

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