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Healing Nest Foundation

Healing Nest Foundation started in August 2014 & was set up by Hemanti Mangal (Developmental psychologist) & Sagar Mangal. Over the years they were joined by some of the most committed,well trained, experienced and skilled professionals to build a multidisciplinary team.We believe that all children and families deserve a safe, nurturing environment irrespective of their background and economic status. Our mission is to provide holistic mental health care solutions for children and adolescents through our clinical services and spearhead preventive work through parent and teacher training. We continue to innovate, grow and find ways to increase the reach of this voice.

Head Office 

D 47 Shanti Kunj, Church/Mall Road,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

Noida office

C 116, Sector 72,

Noida 201307 

Our Services

Early Intervention Programme

The focus is on children (0 – 6 yrs) who are delayed by the normal development framework. Proper screening and profiling is done and thus an intervention program is tailor made for each child. 

Social language and

communication therapy

We work with children who may be having troubles communicating. We work closely with families and caregivers to find ways for your child to understand others and express themselves.



In our pediatric setting, therapists use their expertise to help children prepare for and perform important learning and developmental activities. This typically includes muscle strength..

Parental guidance

and counseling

Often it is seen parents struggle managing multiple roles like work, finances, family and then a child who is difficult to manage. Managing the often called “undesired behavior”



It is intended to help adolescents make sense of their feelings and behavior. Some of the issues we frequently work with are: School behavior problems, Anxiety, Worry, Panic, Low self-esteem, Social skills / Friendship issues,




Group work

(Age 2 years and up)

We believe that group work plays a major role in bridging the gap and helping them learn day-to-day issues. Some of the group goals: Language development, Pre-academic development, Social and emotional …





In our pediatric setting, therapists use their expertise to help children prepare for and perform important learning and developmental activities. This typicall2y includes muscle strengthening and range of motion



Dance movement &

music therapy

Moving is good for the body and mind. The mental and emotional benefits of movement are plentiful. The same endorphins that make you feel better when moving also help you concentrate and sleep better, and can help you become more resilient when faced with the mental or emotional challenges of life.

Facts & Figure


% Children under 2 yrs of age are diagnosed

with development delays.


Children have disability below 19 years of age


Million children are diagnosed with Autism


% prevalence among lower socio-economic group

WHO estimates that 15-20% of children, worldwide, have disabilities; 85% of which are in developing countries. In India, 1.5-2.5% children under 2 years of age have developmental delays. As per 2011 Census of India, there are 7,862,921 children with disability in the below 19 years age group, including 1,410,158 visual impairment; 1,594,249 hearing impairment; 683,702 speech disorder; 1,045,656 movement disorder; 595,089 intellectual disability; 678,441 multiple disability; and 1,719,845 other disabilities. According to the Indian Scale Assessment of Autism, there are approximately 13 million children with autism in India. ADHD Prevalence was found to be higher among the males (66.7%) as compared to that of females (33.3%). The prevalence among lower socio-economic group was found to be 16.33% and that among middle socio-economic group was 6.84%.

Get In Touch


D 47 , Shanti Kunj, Church/Mall road, Near Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital, New Delhi-110070.




+91 9810957769, 9315122129 , 9205030245

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Please come and join us celebrate childhood with your experiences.

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