“ Every child has the potential to thrive,

Let us help them fly and color the sky”


The Beginning is always today...

Healing nest holds and supports the tender body of the little birds and let them fly high in the sky. Our nest provides a comfortable and supportive environment to every child and the family. We are here to support and make a difference in the journey of various families.

We believe that the early years of child’s development are crucial and as the brain is developing rapidly. Thus our work focuses on prime years of the child.


Healing Nest developed with an aim to reach out and help children and their families who need support in there development. We are committed to build a community where all children feel accepted, supported, and valued.

Reports & Studies

WHO estimates that 15-20% of children, worldwide, have disabilities; 85% of which are in developing countries. In India, 1.5-2.5% children under 2 years of age have developmental delays. As per 2011 Census of India, there are 7,862,921 children with disability in the below 19 years age group, including 1,410,158 visual impairment; 1,594,249 hearing impairment; 683,702 speech disorder; 1,045,656 movement disorder; 595,089 intellectual disability; 678,441 multiple disability; and 1,719,845 other disabilities. According to the Indian Scale Assessment of Autism, there are approximately 13 million children with autism in India. ADHD Prevalence was found to be higher among the males (66.7%) as compared to that of females (33.3%). The prevalence among lower socio-economic group was found to be 16.33% and that among middle socio-economic group was 6.84%.

Child Protection Policy & Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy