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Board Of Directors

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Sagar Mangal 

Sagar Mangal is a Sailor by profession but a child at heart. His spontaneity to connect with children (including his own) helped him to develop an interest in the area of child development. He is the co-founder of Healing Nest Foundation. Sagar was inspired by Hemanti's love for the field of child development and mental health due to which he along with his wife envisioned an organization like Healing Nest Foundation. 

Professionally he is pursuing certifications and continues to learn further about different aspect of special needs. Sagar believes in the importance of spreading mental health awareness to even the smaller towns of the country and hopes one day Healing Nest Foundation would be reachable and approachable to everybody. He feels there is no end to learning and growing and to following one's dream.

Through his playful, humorous and patient demeanor brings the fun, energy and the motivation for everyone in the organization to growth while enjoying what they do. 

Hemanti Sikdar

Hemanti Mangal is a Child Psychologist and an Art Based Therapy practitioner. Mental health is her passion and she believes in simple yet creative ways to bring about positive emotional, social and cognitive changes in children and their families. As founder and director of the organization, she plays various roles. Sometimes you can see her as a therapist working with a child, other times she is a trainer, or a friend who just listens, sometimes a counselor but always a nurturing mother.

She has being working exclusively the field of special needs and family counseling for over 10 years and has previously worked with Children First and Udayan Care. After a Bachelors in Psychology (hons) from Delhi University she pursued a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Amity University. She  streamlined her focus to working extensively with children with her Post Graduation Diploma in Child Guidance and Counseling from NIPCCD and further specialised in Arts Based therapy from WLCC. 

Hemanti has an “ instant connect” with any child who walks in. She is spontaneous, playful, intuitive, and compassionate when working with children. Her love and passion of working with children was the driving force for her to imagine, develop and establish a nurturing space that is Healing Nest Foundation. 

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