Social language and Communication therapy

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Social language and

Communication therapy

We work with children who may be having troubles communicating. We work closely with families and caregivers to find ways for your child to understand others and express themselves. 

Things we can help with include:

Babies having difficulty with:

  • Using their first word
  • Communicating to you what they want
  • Looking at you
  • Playing games like pat-a-cake or Peek-a-boo

Toddlers having difficulty with:

  • Following simple directions
  • Understanding new words
  • Using two words together
  • Playing with others

Preschoolers having difficulty with:

  • Following directions or answering questions
  • Using sentences to talk with others
  • Relating to others
  • Speaking so that others can understand them

For any child who:

  • Doesn’t relate well to the people around them
  • Seems not to hear well
  • Is stuttering
  • You think something is not quite right

We provide one to one sessions and group sessions as per the need and the skill set of the child. When the child comes in, an internal assessment in done to understand the childs present developmental milestones. A holistic plan is made to cater the need of the child.

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