Parental guidance and counseling

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Parental guidance and counseling

Often it is seen parents struggle managing multiple roles like work, finances, family and then a child who is difficult to manage. Managing the often called “undesired behavior”

eg: hitting, pushing, running, anger, emotional breakdowns, rigidities, emotionally absentetc takes a toll over parents

well being.


We believe that when a child comes at Healing Nest, the family

is given full support in all possible ways to help the family with bringing up their kid.

Child, Adolescent and Parenting Counselling includes:

  • Offering the child/adolescent an opportunity to discuss problems one-o-one with the counselor and gain insight into his/her concerns in a safe and confidential environment. Discussions are based on the ages, developmental levels, and specific concerns of the children and adolescents.
  • Making the child/adolescent feel safe and secure
  • Respecting the child/adolescent as a person
  • Listening and addressing the grievances of the parents.
  • Helping in providing a healthy parent-child interaction and facilitating good communication between parent and child/adolescent.
  • Creating conditions for favorable, happy and well adjusted interaction
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