Our Team

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Our Team


Sneha has completed her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has completed her post graduation in applied psychology (specialization in clinical) from Manav rachna University. She has also done her advance diploma & certificate course in Guidance and Counselling from Jamia and Delhi University. She has also worked as Counsellor in Masoom special school. She is passionate & dedicated towards her work. She loves to work with children as she instantly connects a bond with them. She has a positive attitude towards life and lives her life fully & completely.


Shaswatee Behera has done her Masters in Psychology from the University of Delhi, and graduation in Applied Psychology from Amity University, Noida. She is a lover of animals, children, plants, and creative pursuits. A dreamer, creator and thinker, she is immensely passionate about music and aspires to use creativity and empathy to connect with children and facilitate. She firmly believes that children, when left uninhibited and free to be themselves, have the capability to do anything.


Roma has completed her graduation from IPH(D.U)and her post graduation in paediatric from (MVGU).She loves working with children. She is simple ,always ready to help others and strongly believes in team work. She is passionate about giving each child fair chance in life to reach their full potential .She has a lot of patience to work with kids and understand their needs. She is always ready and keen to learn new things .she loves to spend time with kids, loves shopping, music and likes to travel.


Kiran is a special educator. She loves to work with kids as she connects very well with every child who comes to her. She has worked with children of different age group in different clinical settings. She loves to create different things/ideas to teach her children. She is passionate about her work and keeps her self well updated with different study material to actively use it in her session. She has a lot of patience to work with kids. Her playfulness, openness to learn and hardworking nature are some of her core skills. She loves shopping, listening to soothing music and likes to dance at what ever opportunity given.


Jane is our “HR & Admin in-charge”. She is responsible for managing the HR & Administrative functionalities of the Organisation. She has completed her graduation from Delhi University. She is very determined and passionate about what she is doing. She loves to help those in need of help. 




Simy Udayan is a Special Educator/Trainee Psychologist she is the youngest member in the team .She has done her graduation in psychology honours from Panjab University.She is passionate and determined about her work.Her happy go lucky personality resonates around people. She is also pursuing her Masters in Psychology. Her interest is reading books,playing sports,listening to music,going for adventures.


ISHANI SENGUPTA has completed her graduation from D.U in psychology and also done her master’s in Clinical psychology from Amity University. She loves working with children and wanted to pursue her career in this field. She believes in giving her best in whatever she does.


Sudha is a Special Educator working with children since 2011.She has worked with children of different age group in different School settings since 2011, She has done B.Ed, M.A.from Delhi University .Her key Strength as a strong communicator both written and oral ,Excellent problem solving skills & Analytical ability and attention to detail.


Surabhi Swaroop is an occupational therapist. She has done her Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from University of Delhi ,also worked in Navjyoti Institute for mentally challenged from past 3 years.She loves to work with kids as she feels that she can easily make bonds with them. She is very lively in nature and happy to make others happy.. Professionally, she is hard working and takes a keen interest in learning.A very dedicated therapist who firmly believe in living life simple but to the fullest. She loves reading books and listening music


Lakshmi has done Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in psychology . She has also done PG in Mass communication and Journalism. Being a parent, when you know that you are no longer the center of your universe but you change places or give that importance to your own children and others ‘. She believe in the fact that children become what they see, observe, hear, feel and eat(definitely)… it is indeed their big hearts that make the difference around us. She also believe that we should teach them to be courageous and kind enough to face the world. Being associated with Healing Nest has given her an opportunity to face the challenges what our children face each moment ,and how are we able to help them to rise above them and discover themselves. 


Academic- bachelor of Physio therapy. Working experience of 4 years with children. I am very much keen to learn new things and want to explore more in this field. Love to play with children , develops good connect with them. key strength is doing neuro development work and dealing with children especially with motor developmental delay children (cerebral palsy , Down syndrome and other neurological disorder in children). Just a simple person who Loves art and craft , music , travelling , dancing. Also m more blessed that god gave me chance to serve children.


Saima Khan Azmi has done her masters in Applied psychology specialising in counselling psychology from jamia millia Islamic. She has more than 4 years of experience of working in the field of child psychology. Adding to the practical knowledge, she is also a dreamer, weaves an imaginative world and enjoys hopping in there, a painter, an artist who loves to make things from scrap. A singer, as she is blessed with a melodious voice and a crazy dancer, at times she turns very dramatic, she is energetic, passionate and empathetic.She incorporates these skills to connect with children. She beleives that constant efforts and having trust in the abilities of the little ones, does wonders,one should just create a safe, therapeutic, comforting, fun-filled, and progressive environment for them to flourish, express, explore in the most natural way. She is a Nature lover and admirer. She is a firm beleiver of almighty, as being spiritually inclined help her being more peaceful, motivated,positive and satisfied. 


Ms. Niharika Ghosh is a licensed Clinical Psychologist working as a freelance consultant in Delhi. She has done M.A., M.phil. in Clinical Psychology and has worked and interned in eminent hospitals/clinics of Delhi. Her forte and interest area is working with children of various needs. She prefers using an eclectic approach by combining few therapies with children for better effectiveness. Services provided by her are Psychological testing – administration, diagnosis, Psychotherapy for children and adolescents for various mental disabilities, academic and behavior enhancement for children with any difficulties, counseling and therapy for children and adolescents.


Prema Negi-Occupational therapist. Acadmic-Prema has completed her Graduation from Government Medical college STH ,Haldwani and her post graduation Psychology from MBPG college Haldwani .She loves working with children.she is simple n always ready to help others and strongly believes in team work.she has lot of patient to work with kids and understand their needs she is always ready and kneen to learn new things.She loves to spend time with kids.she loves pet Animal ,comedy show n dancing.


Supriya is our “HR & Admin in-charge”. She is responsible for managing the HR & Administrative functionalities of the Organization.  






Sukriti Dua is a Psychologist, Dance/Movement Therapy Practitioner and choreographer. She has done her Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and Christ University (Bangalore) respectively, and DMT specialization from the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India, CMTAI. She has worked with hospital chains, private clinics and special needs organizations across Delhi and Bangalore in the past few years. She likes to reach and understand children at their level, and feels that their smiling faces and infectious laughter  can brighten her day. Her major interests lie in applying her therapeutic knowledge with the little ones, spreading awareness about mental health, facilitating positive mental health and pursuing her passion of research alongside

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