Group work (Age 2 years and up)

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Group work

(Age 2 years and up)

We believe that group work plays a major role in bridging the gap and helping them learn day-to-day issues.

Some of the group goals:

Language development: This primarily includes Expressive language, which includes eye contact, body orientation and speech. Receptive language is the other major bit which includes listening skill, instruction following and communication

Pre-academic development: The focus is on the cognitive development of the child. Some of the early learning concepts would be color concept, shapes, numbers, alphabets, sorting, matching etc.

Social and emotional development: Every child needs to learn to express himself / herself to others verbally or non verbally. Our aim would be to enhance self-confidence and self-concept of the child and provide the child with various self-help skills to express appropriately.

Physical development: At an early age the child is physically developing immensely. We would help them with gross motor difficulties, fine motor difficulties, eating difficulties, balance coordination etc.

Executive functioning: The group will focus on children with Executive functioning difficulties like: managing time, attention to a task, difficulty to focus, plan and organize, remember details, impulsivity (inappropriate speech or behavior).

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