Early Intervention Programme

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Early Intervention Programme

The focus is on children (0 – 6 yrs) who are delayed by the normal development framework. Proper screening and profiling is done and thus an intervention program is tailor made for each child. Our team provides targetedunderstanding of the child’s need and an intervention for the early years in the communication, social, play, emotional, cognitive and sensory and adaptive domains are made.

Different techniques used are as follows:

Individual work with the child:

on social, pre linguistic skills and language, sensory, emotional, cognitive, adaptive responses and play skills. Various goals within these domains are arrived at and worked upon in sessions.

Parent and family work:

understanding of the parenting styles and interaction, empowering and involving parents and carers in modification of the stimuli in all existing environments, so as to best help the child learn, apply and consolidate the skills they are acquiring.

Our team within Healing Nest, provides specific child-centeredprograms developed for the under-6 age group

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